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07.10.2013 |

Second plant of “Tehnohoze” in Ilinden opened

The Italian company “Teknohoze” today will set the cornerstone of the second object in the Technological Industrial Zone Skopje 1 in Bunardzik - Municipality of Ilinden, which will produce hydraulic clutches for reinforced rubber hose for high pressure.

04.10.2013 |

A reconstructed street for a better approach to the industrial zone in Ilinden

By implementing the planned program for rapid local economic development, municipality Ilinden is working intensively on building infrastructure in local economic zones.

01.10.2013 |

New road in Marino-Kadino zone

In the economic zone Marino Kadino one of the future main roads in the area has been completely built.
The new road will be of great benefit for the already established companies and for the future investors. Built according to the standards with wide sidewalks.

26.09.2013 |

Construction of the first Nursing home for old people in Ilinden

The Municipality of Ilinden is taking care for all categories, despite the construction of the first municipal kindergarten, the first municipal high school and care for the children, is preparing for construction of the first Nursing home for the old people in Ilinden.

25.09.2013 |

Croatian-Macedonian company builds factory in Ilinden

Another investor has chosen his company to settle on the territory of the Municipality of Ilinden.

In the presence of the Croatian Ambassador to Macedonia Zlatko Kramarić the foundation stone for the new object of "Dalmah Frigo" was placed in Marino. The Macedonian-Croatian company operates its business in the field of industrial refrigeration - refrigeration equipment. The new object is a logistics center with an area of ​​900 sqm, the property provides the company with a total area of ​​1,700 square meters.

20.09.2013 |

TIDZ Skopje 1 - Ohridska Banka opens new office

Today a branch office of Ohridska Banka will open at the Technological Industrial Development Zone Skopje 1, located in the Municipality Ilinden.

16.07.2013 |

New sports field in Ilinden

In Ilinden the works for the construction of a multifunctional sports field is in full swing. Construction will take place in the context of the program of the government for the construction of 100 Multufunktionale sports fields.
The new sports field will have dimensions 45.5 to 28.5 meters, stands and floodlights are also mounted.

27.06.2013 |

Construction of the sewerage system continues

The municipality Ilinden further realizes the project "Construction of a canalisation on the entire territory of the municipality of Ilinden". The activities in this period are focused on the construction of two segments of the drains in the places Ilinden and Kadino.

06.06.2013 |

New library opens in Ilinden municipality

The first municipal library with collection of 10.000 books was opened Wednesday in Ilinden Culture House. The citizens will have the access to a variety of book genres, reading room and PCs with free Internet.

11.04.2013 |

New member for the Ilinden business family

In the local economic zone "Ilinden 1" in the municipality of Ilinden, the foundation stone was laid for further company. The Macedonian "Multi Shped" will build here his site. The company is active in the shipping and transport industry.

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