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Budget for 2010 adopted by the municipal Council

Published on: 13.01.2010 - 12:12

The Council of the Municipality of Ilinden adopted the Budget for 2010, the Budget amount is MKD (Macedonian Denar) 305.250.000,00 which is the highest Budgett in the 13 years of existence of the Municipality of Ilinden. 

Planned sources of incomes to finance expenditures of the Municipality of Ilinden in the budget for 2010 are: 

  • Tax income amounted to 46.30% respectively MKD 141.366.000,00 and the largest participation in the planned income, showing the municipality's ability to collect its own income taxes, especially property taxes which show the fiscal capacity of the municipality. 
  • Non Tax income by 3.30% respectively MKD 10.055.000,00 which is composed of revenues from government services when it should be taken to achieve revenues of administrative fees, which also represent significant revenue for the municipality. 
  • Capital income by 14.80% respectively MKD 45.120.000,00 which is based on the law for construction land as income in the budget of the municipality. 
  • Transfers and donations to 29.00% respectively MKD 88.709.000,00 which represent the basis for financing the functions of the municipality where the proportion of transfers provided funds for the achievement of competencies in primary education. 
  • Loans by 6.60% respectively MKD 20.000.000,00  

Capital expenditure amounted to 50% of the total costs reflect the developmental component of the Municipality of Ilinden, which will be earmarked for investment of capital constructions of communal infrastructure and road infrastructure, improving also public services and the quality of life, building a house of culture, investment in education and improving the educational process, development of sports facilities, purchase of urban equipment, protection of environment and nature protection and rescue from floods and fires and arranging construction land.

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