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Construction of sewage system continues

Published on: 06.10.2016 - 15:34

Within the project for construction of sewage treatment plants and canalization, the construction of one more segment with a water treatment plant (capacity of 1,250 Equivalent/capita) and a system for collecting and treatment of wastewater in Marino is ongoing.
The project aims at building a system for acceptance, treatment and disposal of waste waters from households and business facilities in the Municipality of Ilinden.
The total investment for this project that will include 330 households is 25 million MKD.
System acceptance and treatment of waste waters in the Municipality of Ilinden started to build in 2008. So far 3 segments of the sewerage system are constructed in Marino, Kadino and Ilinden, covering 1,000 households, or 4,000 citizens, and the total investment for these segments is 100 million MKD.
The system consists of several segments, which operate independently of each other, an advantage because the segments can be built depending on the funds available.
Given that it is an expensive investment for whose realization requires an extended period of time, its realization have priority settlements with higher levels of groundwater.
The implementation of this important project is one of the priorities in the strategic objectives of the Municipality of Ilinden and represents a capital investment. Investing in municipal infrastructure is vital for the local economic development, improvement of investment climate and quality of life in the Municipality.
The construction of sewerage treatment plants are contributing to the quality of life of citizens and domestic savings in budget funds that citizens paid for the cleaning of septic tanks, as well as environmental protection.
Treatment plants are fully automated and are modular systems that take up little space, have low power consumption and can be upgraded in line with the increase of the capacity of the population equivalent.
This is the concept implemented by the Municipality of Ilinden using small treatment plants for acceptance, treatment and disposal of sewage.

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